The Town Clock

A beloved symbol of the city, the clock tower above the German School Building has faithfully served the townspeople of Hermann since 1890, tolling the time every hour on the hour.

It’s said that the idea for a town clock started in 1886 with Caroline Graf, who worked at the Advertiser-Courier newspaper across the street from the school. Public benches outside the school were a favorite lounging place for the town’s old-timers, who would frequently amble across the street to ask the time. Exasperated by the constant interruptions, Caroline started a collection for a town clock.

In 1890 the school board paid German clockmakers at the A.E. Pollhans Company in St. Louis $435 to manufacture the clock. Local contractor Henry Tekotte built the clock tower.

Today, the clockworks can be seen on the second floor of the museum. Volunteers faithfully wind the clock by hand twice a week and keep the striking mechanism in good working order.